You could pay now… but why not take your time?

Take advantage of our Perfect Home plans that give you the flexibility of interest-free time to pay!
  • No Payment/Same as Cash Plan
  • Available on Furniture, Mattresses, and Accessories!
  • No Minimum Purchase Required!
  • Fast process, instant approval and access to your card while you shop!
  • Our Perfect Home Card frees up your cash, lines of credit, and credit cards for other expenses and emergencies!
  • No Purchase Necessary!

How it works…

With our No Pay SAC* plans, payment isn’t due until the end of the financing term. Interest will accrue on the purchase from the beginning of the term. Full payment is due by the expiration of the term. If paid in full, all accrued interest charges will be waived. If the purchase is not paid in full by the term expiration date, all accrued interest charges will be assessed and charged to the Cardholder’s account.*

Compare our convenient No Pay SAC plans below!

3 Months 

6 Months

9 Months 

12 Months

Amin Fee: $0 Admin Fee: $49.99 Admin Fee: $79.99 Admin Fee: $129.99

What People Are Saying About Us.

  • "My husband and I walked into Perfect Home and they were closed but we were invited in anyway. The Salesman treated us so kindly. He didn’t rush us or get annoyed that we were there after hours. It was great customer service and we ended up leaving purchasing a powered reclining couch and loveseat. A week later the delivery truck came and the two men were great. They set up everything exactly where I wanted it and showed me how to operate it after they assembled it all. I would highly recommend and I will be returning."
    Jackie Martin
    Airdrie, AB.
  • "The store is great but I just wanted to give a big shout out to the delivery guys! They are super friendly, helpful and just all around great guys! You two are amazing!"
    Michelle Foat
    - Michelle Foat. Calgary, AB.
  • "I just purchased a sofa love seat from Perfect Home and I am very impressed. From the time I made my purchase to having my furniture in my living room was just over 24 hours. The delivery guys were also very professional and courteous. I highly recommend Perfect Home Furniture."
    Chris Smith
    - Calgary, AB
  • "From the moment we walked in the South store Lynne greeted us and we were hooked. Superb customer service, great attention to detail and we had a lot of fun along the way. The delivery team was professional, quick and helped us inspect the pieces insuring our satisfaction. 10/10 all around. Will be back."
    Rayna Becker
    - Calgary, AB
  • "I purchased a leather power reclining sofa  from Perfect Home last week and I am extremely impressed. Our sales lady was very knowledgeable and helped us to find the perfect sofa in our price range. The delivery guys were also very professional, polite and insured that everything was set up and working properly. I highly recommend Perfect Home Furniture for all of your furniture/decorating needs and we will for sure be back!"
    Michelle Coffin
    - Airdrie, AB